Friday, February 15, 2013

Nashville part 1:

My sweet friend Victoria and I headed to Nashville for a much needed girls getaway, and Nashville - you sure can show a girl a good time!

As awful as it sounds, I was going with the mindset that honky tonk music would be surrounding me (I'm not the biggest fan of country) and I'd be entering into a world of cow hide and saloon slugging and who knows what else!

I was so happy to be proven wrong! Nashville is a place of its own. An oasis from real life and the cherry on top to any getaway.

The second we rolled into town we visited 12th Ave South. Such a cute hip area to shop, lunch, & lounge!

We ate at Edley's BBQ and had the best food ever, I mean look at these - !!!!

Afterwards we headed to shop to our heart's content! We stopped at Serendipity Emporium for some "Man Candles" and books/gifts.

We hopped across the street to my all time favorite thrift shop called Savant- hands down coolest place you've ever seen.

Imagine rooms and rooms and rooms stocked full of every too good to be true vintage find you've ever dreamed of and you've got Savant.

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