Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guilty as charged

As always we make promises to keep in touch. Whether it be to ring each other up after a days adventure, or to visit every week. To take drives with no destination, meeting up for chat that is pointless but at the same time truly hilarious and entertaining. We say nothing will change but once the words come out, we can feel the truth starting to set in. Things will change, things will be different.

Change is something that always terrifies me. Your friends move across the country or even just a few hours away. Somehow other things weasel their way in and before you know it you've gone a month without speaking. But I know that I'm to blame. I feel like a terrible friend. I've missed baby showers, caught the last half of weddings, forgotten presents, missed terrible moments when a friend should be the first to comfort, I am lousy.

I plan on never making these mistakes again. Living without the people you love surrounding you isn't living all.