Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year & New Resolutions:

2011. You left your tie in the bedroom and your scent on the pillow. How are you gone so fast!? We had great times, lots of love, lots of adventures, lots of friends, lots of firsts, lots of tastes, lots of memories. Although you couldn't linger any longer you've left a place in my heart.

With a year gone so quickly and a new one right under our feet, I intend to cling on to every one of those 365 days. What better way than making resolutions? Not the "I will not eat another piece of cheesecake" or "I will stop drinking.. or maybe only socially." "I will stay away from boys my mother warned me about". These resolutions are the ones that pop up every year. And lead to a year without any resolutions fulfilled.

This year focus on things that will get you out of your shell.
Make your stomach turn in excitement.
Make you grow, love, learn.
Will leave you with memories.


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