Thursday, January 20, 2011

Premeditated "Impulse" Purchases 2.0

Premeditated Impulse Purchases #2

Premeditated Impulse Purchases #2 by JessLowman on
The Terrier & Owl Lantern were found on Urban Outfitters

I went a little nuts with their 10% coupon code:
Through Jan. 31st use coupon code TAKE10 for 10% entire purchase :)

I also bought a few other things (shelving unit, a few retro hanging twig lamps, a floor lamp, & a "parakeet tapestry") that I felt I "needed" which is also my word for "wanted". They are one in the same. I wonder if that's a terrible thing...

Gilt got the best of me the other day with this C C Skye bracelet. If I could just keep from stabbing myself every time my hand attempts to reside in my pocket I'd love it so much more.

OPI has new crackle polish.... 90's maybe. But an impulse purchase that couldn't be helped.

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