Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Obsessions:

A few things that are making me ridiculously happy.... mainly "feel good" things:

  1. Pull-Thru parking spots..
  2. Neon grass outside my house
  3. Outdoor luncheons with friends
  4. Sun rays through the clouds
  5. Florence + The Machine "LUNGS" album: check out "Dog days are over" "Girl with one eye" "Cosmic Love" "My boy builds coffins" The pipes on this girl blow me away. I think she's amazing.

5: Tazo Black Tea

6: Spring dresses with pockets

7: Searching flickr for far away travel pictures.

8: Craigslisting missed connections.. NY ones are so good.

9: Hearing someones life changing experience.

10: Morning markets

11: Having people get you & what you are passionate about.

12: Telling secrets to complete strangers

13: Snail mail.... it makes my heart skip a beat on the rare occasion that I actually get any.

14: Phone calls

15: Endless drives to nowhere

Whats playing now:

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